Trina McDonald

Veteran, Survivor, Advocate
Trina McDonald is a Gulf War veteran. She served as a Personnelman from 1988 to 1990 at Naval Security Group Activity in Adak, AK and Naval Hospital Oakland, CA. The first assault committed against Trina occurred within 2 months of her arrival at NSGA Adak. During the next several months she would be repeatedly targeted and assaulted, ultimately culminating in an attempt on her life. After exiting the service, Trina struggled with addiction, homelessness and suicide attempts. She realized that seeking treatment for PTSD was inevitable. She found the therapeutic options severely limited, and oftentimes more harmful than healing. Despite the hurdles, Trina has found ways to ground herself in the land of the living. Trina devoted 6 years to the social and human services field as a Chemical Dependency Professional.

After earning her baccalaureate in Behavioral Science in 2011, Trina felt her experiences pulling her in a more meaningful direction. As a subject in the Oscar-nominated documentary "The Invisible War", her direction had been found. She now advocates for effective and healing therapies for MST veterans, including the utilization of service dogs that are specially trained for PTSD. In support of service dogs for veterans, Trina and her wife craft leashes and leads by hand under the name "Woofs and Warriors". Since acquiring her own service dog was stressful and expensive, Trina's goal is twofold:  1) To support organizations that train and provide service dogs to veterans for free;  2) To provide emergency financial aid to veterans who need temporary monetary support for food/medical care for their service dogs. Trina's passion is to help fellow veterans navigate the MST/PTSD path to healing.