Kendra Brooks

Member, Action United

Kendra Brooks did everything by the rules. She went to college, then got her MBA. For 15 years, she worked for the same organization, running programs for special needs children and supervising a staff of 100. Like so many others, she lost her job when the recession hit. She almost lost her home and her car was repossessed twice in one year. She had to spend her savings and cash out her 401k to survive. 

Kendra eventually found another job, but not after a prolonged period of unemployment. Now, she makes half of what she used to. Her daughter has had to enlist in the Army to pay for her own education because Kendra couldn't help her anymore. "According to the American Dream, if you work hard, you see the results," Kendra said. "But that’s not true anymore. Not in this economy."

Kendra lives in Philadelphia, and was one of the activists who went to Jackson Hole, Wyo., in August 2014 to protest the Federal Reserve's economic recovery policies.