The Good Fight, with Ben Wikler

The Good Fight, with Ben Wikler is podcast and radio show that tells David versus Goliath stories about changing the world from the behind-the-slingshot point of view. We air on 1480 AM in DC every Tuesday and Friday at 3pm. The Good Fight is powered by our sponsor and partner,

The Good Fight features a mix of comedy, activism, interviews, explanations, and stories about epic fights for justice. Our guests range from unknown grassroots activists to U.S. Senators. We cover politics, but not in the cable-TV sense of "discussing issues"—we believe in the power of stories, and in the power of having fun.

The program is produced by Ben Wikler, Zach Young, and Harum Helmy. Garlin Gilchrist II of co-hosts the Win Report. Wikler founded the show's predecessor, The Flaming Sword of Justice, with Aaron Swartz in 2012. After The Good Fight launched in November 2013, with help from founding executive producer Laurenellen McCann, it reached the #1 spot on the iTunes charts and was named one of Apple's Best Podcasts of 2013; in July 2014, The Guardian profiled the show in its Listen To This column and The Telegraph featured it in its list of "The Best Podcasts for News, Politics, and Current Affairs," calling it "refreshingly anti-cynical," "expertly produced," and "a welcome reminder that news doesn’t always have to be bad."

You can find The Good Fight on iTunes, subscribe via RSS, or check out the show on Stitcher