Government has failed us. More than 90% of Americans link that failure to the influence of money in politics.  Yet the politicians do not talk about this influence. While our democracy decays, they spend endless time with their funders.

These funders hold our democracy hostage and we want to pay the ransom and get it back.

We’re kick-starting a SuperPAC big enough to make it possible to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016.

Here’s how we’ll do it: We are starting a “citizen-funded” campaign of small-dollar donors. And we only keep your pledge if we hit our fundraising goals.

For 2014, our goal is $12 million. With that money, we will make fundamental reform the key issue in five congressional races. And win.

Then we’ll apply what we learn to 2016 — when we’ll run a much much bigger campaign in many more districts with for this one purpose: to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform.