Episode #5

Gillibrand. Rape in the military. NSA World of Warcraft.

A heartbreaking, and heart-fixing, podcast about a fight we've got to win.
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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand brings us inside her fight against military sexual assault. She's joined on the show by Navy veteran Trina McDonald, whose story will break your heart—and then put it back together stronger. 

If you saw Trina in the Oscar-nominated documentary The Invisible War, you've probably already realized it: you can't miss this episode. And if you've been reading about Senator Gillibrand and her battle to change the military justice system, this is where you'll find out why she'll never give up. 

Plus, before that story, it's everything you love about The Good Fight: a mind-bending descent into our secret underground studio, a glimpse of the NSA's World of Warcraft video game infiltration operation, and a classic Win Report with Garlin Gilchrist II of MoveOn.org. Plus an update on the fast food worker uprising. Tune in, fight back, and spread the word: episode 5 is the best Good Fight yet. 

Originally posted on December 12, 2013


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Show Notes


  • The NSA Deconfliction Group (it's real!): Great piece from The Guardian here and the New York Times here.

Epic story: military sexual assault

The Win Report: 



Table of Contents & Final Credits:

  • The Good Fight Theme  - an original composition for The Good Fight by Fritz Myers

Fast Food Strike Update: 

Win Report:

NSA Leak:

Epic Story:

  • Locked Up - Royalty Free Kings
  • Dancing Light - Royalty Free Kings
  • Mensa - Podington Bear
  • Dust Cloud - Royalty Free Kings
  • Empty Feeling - Royalty Free Kings
  • First Steps - Royalty Free Kings
  • Time to Run - Dexter Britain
  • Twilight - Royalty Free Kings
  • Forlorn - Royalty Free Kings
  • Woodland Creatures - Kevin Bryce

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