Episode #42

Coal, you're going to lose. You too, ALEC.

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Spring is finally here. Daffodils dancing in the breeze, pollen collecting on car roofs, and the symphony of coughs filling the air. It's not just allergies that are making it hard to breathe. It's also coal. Ending coal fired power is the best weapon against the US's asthma epidemic. Host Ben Wikler checks in With Mary Anne Hitt, the Director of the Sierra Club's beyond Coal Campaign, about her recent victories. And Nick Rathod brings Ben up to speed ont he progress of the young but mighty State Innovation Exchange, Progressive's best weapon against the evil ALEC. Here comes the sun!

Originally posted on April 13, 2015


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Music Credits (in order of appearance)
  • Zach Young - Coughing Music
  • Royalty Free Kings - Coastal Flight
  • Zach Young - Music for Strings
  • Digi G'Alessio - raw instrumental pt.1
  • Digi G'Alessio - raw instrumental pt.2
  • Dad Rocks! - Mount Modern
  • Ghost - Lullaby

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