Episode #40

Why #BlackLivesMatter

Alicia Garza, #blacklivesmatter cofounder, takes us inside the movement igniting a generation.
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Co-founder Alicia Garza shares the story of how #BlackLivesMatter began—and how it became the rallying cry for a movement, ignited by tragedy, that is fighting for survival and justice.

Originally posted on January 20, 2015


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Show Notes

- Here’s the official #BlackLivesMatter website.
- For a visualization of the explosion of searches on Google for #blacklivesmatter and “black lives matter,” click here
- Must read: Alicia Garza’s official “Herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement”
- Here’s the amazing R’n’B musician D’Angelo performing on Saturday Night Live on Jan. 30, 2015, wearing a #BlackLivesMatter shirt.
- For a magnificent read on America's long history of discrimination, and a heartbreaking case for reparations for slavery, read Ta-Nehisi Coates' Atlantic cover story from June 2014
- Missed the story when 14 super brave #BlackLivesMatter protesters shut down the BART, the subway system in San Francisco, on Black Friday? Here’s some coverage. And here’s news that the BART board might drop charges against the protesters
- In the episode, we mostly talked about black men who’ve died in the hands of police officers. But police kill black women, too. And black trans women
- That clip of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker came from this speechThanks to Slate's Jamelle Bouie for pointing it out in this great Slate article, "Divide and Conquer.”

- Want a copy of Social Security Works! signed by Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson? Click here to back The Good Fight on Kickstarter
Click here to find out more about Capital & Main’s monthlong series on inequality in California. 

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Zach Young - original music