Episode #4

Fast food strike. McQuiz. The Ballad of Healthcare.gov.

The podcast for people who want to fix not just a website, but the whole economy.
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Does the Obamacare website make you want to sing? Don't answer. Just listen: we've taken care of that for you already. And once the music stops, it's time for a visit to an uprising in the underbelly of our unsurpassedly unequal economy: the great fast food strike of 2013. You'll meet a Taco Bell worker standing up for her rights, an powerhouse organizer working behind the scenes—and you'll take The Good Fight's soon-to-be-beloved McDonald's McResources McQuiz. 

Plus, a Win Report that examines the Obamacare predictions of noted health policy experts Michelle Bachman and Glenn Beck, welcomes the Arctic 30 as they bid a fond farewell to their Russian jail cell, and tells the (genuinely) heartwarming Thanksgiving story of a Pizza hut manager who did the right thing, lost his job, and fought back. 

Originally posted on December 3, 2013


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Show Notes

Sources for the Win Report:And check out the Low Pay Is Not Okay campaign! Including its section on McResources (more on that here and here—and, from Colbert, here).

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