Episode #37

What $10 million buys you in U.S. politics

Mayday SuperPAC, part 3: aftermath
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Mayday SuperPAC, Lawrence Lessig's anti-corruption moonshot, lost nearly all of its races in the 2014 midterm election. Does that mean it failed? Did Politico's screamer headline, "How to waste $10 million," tell the whole story? Or does the shadow of money in politics extend beyond mere wins and losses? Professor Lessig and the Progressive Campaign Change Committee's Adam Green take us behind the vote tally and into the heart of the campaign-finance darkness for part 3 of The Good Fight's Mayday 2014 trilogy.

Originally posted on November 11, 2014


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MUSIC CREDITS (in order of appearance)
  • Deef - Nostalgia of an Ex-Gangsta-Rapper
  • Feldmaus - Sunbeams in High Grass
  • Zach Young - original music

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