Episode #35

The progressive secret weapon

Inside the labs of the election-science Manhattan Project that could save 2014.
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Conservatives might have money, but progressives have something even more powerful: science. That's right: gigantic, statistically valid, scientifically rigorous experiments about the best way to win elections. 

If that's a surprise to you, there's a reason: the most fascinating experiments are all being kept secret. And that's by design. This isn't academia, where the goal is the pursuit of truth. This is politics--where once the other side learns what you've figured out, knowledge stops being power.

At the heart of the progressive electoral-scientific revolution is a little low-profile outfit called The Analyst Institute. It stays away from the media. But today, its Executive Director Tate Hausman emerges from the labs to fill Good Fight listeners in on some of the most crucial findings of the political data wizards—just in time for us to put the lessons to good use in 2014 to help save the Senate. 

Ever heard the phrase "the states are the laboratories of democracy"? Well, it's out of date. These days, the whole country's one big lab, and we're all test subjects. And thank goodness: science plus people power is our last, best hope to beat the billionaires.

Originally posted on October 23, 2014


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Show Notes

  • Writing for The New York Times Magazine in 2010, journalist Sasha Issenberg explained how the Analyst Institute is changing the political game by using  scientifically proven methods that turn out more progressive voters than ever. Issenberg also wrote The Victory Lab, chronicling how data-driven science is slowly replacing gut instincts in politics. One enthusiastic reviewer called the book "Moneyball for politics!" Juicy!
  • Here's what MoveOn's secret get-out-the-vote weapon from 2012 looked like.
  • HELP SAVE THE SENATE! Use scientifically-proven techniques to turn your volunteer time into votes: sign up for a shift at moveon.org/calls.

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