Episode #3

Nuclear option. Drugs. An antibiotic-resistant Thanksgiving.

This is the podcast to download for the drive home from Thanksgiving. Spread the word.
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Has the so-called "nuclear option" destroyed all life in the U.S. Senate? If not, why is it empty this week? And speaking of military metaphors in politics: was the war on drugs ever good policy? Plus: what might be lurking in America's turkey this Thanksgiving, and what is it trying to tell us? 

We explore these questions and more in episode 3 of The Good Fight, featuring a classic Win Report with MoveOn's Garlin Gilchrist (including, inter alia, Wal-Mart, Texas textbooks, climate change, and the minimum wage); an momentous message from a microorganism, and an in-depth interview about a lifetime of fighting for sanity the war on drugs with our featured guest: Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance. He'll blow your mind. Don't miss it.

Originally posted on November 27, 2013


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Show Notes

Curious about SuperJune and her antibiotic-resistant friends? The Environmental Working Group is here for you.

Discussed in this week's Win Report:
  • The Nuclear Option—not a thermonuclear detonation. Not a boring process story. A movement victory. (Thank Harry Reid here.
  • Guess who won in Texas: science (and the grassroots activists who love it), or oil and gas companies? Seriously, guess. Good news: You're wrong
  • This year's global negotiations for a climate treaty resulted in... a steaming pile of meh. Activists press on.
  • Thanks to some killer organizing, DC is on its way to a delicious minimum wage increase.
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren listened to her constituents on GMO labeling. Because she's awesome. And because they know how to campaign.
  • What does it say about a company when its own employees have to organize food drives for their fellow employees to help them get through Thanksgiving? We're looking at you, Wal-Mart. (Speaking of which, pop by a protest this Black Friday.)
Want to learn more about drug policy? Spend a quiet evening on the Drug Policy Alliance's website.

Special note: Remember the Obamacare Defense League from episode 2? Wondering if it will ever return? Fear not, friends—and tune in next week. 

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Table of contents: The Good Fight theme (also used in the closing credits), by Fritz Myers

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Win Report: Yes, that's the theme music from Walker, Texas Ranger. Used via YouTube as fair use. Boxing Bell by TheActualCheese. Other music (here and at end of episode) from the Royalty Free Kings free music collection.