Episode #26

Pulitzer winner. Undocumented. American.

Jose Antonio Vargas’s new film “Documented” will change the way you think about immigration
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When Jose Antonio Vargas was 16, he discovered his green card was fake. At 26, he won journalism’s biggest prize. At 30, he outed himself as undocumented.

Vargas’s powerful new film, #Documented, tells his story—and it will change the way you think about immigration. He joins The Good Fight to discuss his life, how it felt to see his mother after 21 years, and what it’s like to be asked by journalists “Why don’t you just become legal?”

(Warning: Contains explicit language)

Originally posted on June 25, 2014


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Show Notes

  • LOSS for reproductive rights: The Supreme Court says the buffer zones around abortion clinics – zones in which anti-choice groups are prohibited from protesting — are against the First Amendment. 
  • WINPORTUNITY: A proposed bill in the Senate would prohibit stalkers from buying guns in addition to perpetrators of domestic violence. The NRA opposes it, saying "not all stalkers are violent!" We think adding guns to the equation won't really help that statement, you know? 

  • Watch the trailer for Documented, the documentary directed by and starring Jose Antonio Vargas about growing up and working in the U.S. as an American without papers. 
  • Want to host a screening of Documented in your community? Yes, you can!
  • Watch and get enraged as Vargas tried to engage Fox News' Lou Dobbs in a civil discussion about immigration reform. Spoiler alert: Dobbs didn't listen. 
  • Visit DefineAmerican.com for more info on the organization fighting to change the cultural discourse on immigration. 

  • Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Five
  • Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Two
  • Royalty Free Kings - Locked Up
  • Royalty Free Kings - Forlorn
  • Podington Bear - Starling
  • Podington Bear - Constellation
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