Episode #24

The 347 climate wins you've never heard of

Inside America's #1 climate victory: the grassroots uprising that shut down 1/3 of U.S. coal plants
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Obama's new carbon pollution rules are the biggest step ever taken by the U.S. government to fight climate change—but they're not the biggest step taken by the country. The most important win is one that's taken place invisibly, in city by city battles over the last decade: a grassroots campaign that's blocked 90% of proposed coal-fired power plants (182 in all) and shut down a third of the existing coal plants in the nation—165 and counting. 

It's a wave of unheralded victories that set the stage for surge in renewable energy, created the political space for the new Obama policies, and could open the door to a global climate treaty that seemed impossible just a few years ago. 

This episode of The Good Fight brings you inside one of the most successful environmental fights in U.S. history, the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign, as recounted by the people leading it. If you think the fossil fuel industry is unbeatable, put on some headphones and make sure you're sitting down.

Originally posted on June 5, 2014


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Show Notes

Don't just sit there cheering: Join the Beyond Coal campaign!

The best write-up of the Beyond Coal campaign ran in Mother Jones magazine in April, 2012. How a Grassroots Rebellion Won the Nation's Biggest Climate Victory: Activists have imposed a de facto moratorium on new coal—and beat the Obama EPA to the punch. Or you can check out this shorter and also excellent account by the same writer, Mark Hertsgaard.

Want to do something useful? Update the Beyond Coal Wikipedia page. Current victory stats can be found here.

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