Episode #17

The Nanny Uprising

Inside the fight for the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
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Big Oil. Bankers. Global mega-corporations. Those are the powerful. But sometimes, the powerless win too—and this episode is about one of those times. It's the story of the Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights in New York, and the surging movement across the country of nannies, home health aides, and other domestic workers who are fighting for the rights and dignity that every worker deserves. 

If you think taking care of kids all day isn't work, that's probably because you haven't done it. But for decades, even the most basic labor laws haven't protected the millions of Americans whose job involves taking care of others in their homes. 

Our guests are at the vanguard of closing that ludicrous loophole. Ai-jen Poo, head of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and Barbara Young, longtime nanny turned NDWA organizer, tell us how the movement began, what it took to win the first statewide law in America—and how their vision now extends not just to protecting domestic workers across the country, but to ensuring that every family can access the support and care their loved ones need. 

All that, plus a Win Report that you won't want to miss. 

Originally posted on April 3, 2014


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Show Notes

WIN: Obamacare exceeded expectations! Good on you, 7.1 MILLION Americans who are now enrolled in health insurance!  If you haven't enrolled yet, there's still time! The deadline was extended to mid-April, so spread the word! You can still track the Affordable Care Act and see how well it is doing.

LOSS: Kansans are losing two Planned Parenthood clinics that are used primarily for cancer screenings and pregnancy tests.  Neither of these clinics provide abortion services, so this is a huge blow to people just seeking women's healthcare.  

WIN: Northwestern Scholarship Football Players are granted the right to form a union.  The NCAA is generating millions of dollars from football players, and working them as many as 50 hours some weeks.  This is a huge win since these players are now getting the right to collective bargaining. 

 WIN: Connecticut is raising the minimum wage to be $10.10 by 2017, which would make it the highest minimum wage in the country.  This will also raise wages for 227,000 people in the state.  
 WIN: In an attempt to save the wildlife, Dallas becomes the 10th Texan city to impose a $0.05 tax on plastic bags.  While this is a win, you can sign this MoveOn petition to ban the plastic bag in Texas altogether. 
 LOSS:  Search efforts for Malaysian Flight are coming to a halt as scientists are discovering that the ocean is too full of garbage to find anything. 
 LOSS: The IPCC has released an incredibly grim climate report.  The report mentions the word "risk" over 230 times, and has scientists and politicians urging citizens all over the world to take action and make a change.
 LOSS: Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, does not include public financing in his budget, making it difficult to get dirty money out of politics.  

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