Episode #15

The really dumb reason 5 million people are uninsured

And why the good guys are gonna win.
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For 5 million unlucky Americans, health care reform currently means... zilch. But as Ron Pollack, the country's leading health care advocate, explains on this episode, this is a fight we're going to win. And as you'll realize as he tells amazing stories about the battles he's helped win in decades past (you'll find out how Nixon was essentially hoodwinked into launching the national Food Stamp program), Ron's a guy you should listen to.  

Plus: MoveOn.org's Anna Galland tells us why Bobby Jindal's administration in Louisiana is suing MoveOn.org for telling the truth; a real-life emotional moment at Good Fight headquarters; an epic Win Report... and a listener contest you'll definitely want to enter. 

Originally posted on March 20, 2014


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Show Notes

Win Report

Win: HHS recognizes that same-sex couples are actual couples!

And another win! The Los Angeles city council voted to ban fracking earlier this month. Meanwhile, anti-fracking protests have taken the state capitol by storm. But Wyoming just rejected national science education standards because they involve teaching actual climate science, and BP no longer banned from competing for Gulf Coast oil drilling contracts.

Working too hard? Enjoy the possibility of actual overtime pay. But please, please vaccinate your children. They'll thank you when they learn epidemiology. 

Meanwhile, in the best city in the universe—Ben's home town of Madison Wisconsin, of course—student activists petitioning their school to commit to fire and safety standards in apparel manufacturing have won a brilliant victory. The UW Chancellor says it all.

And back in DC: President Obama is reviewing deportation policy. Will he bring in a little sanity? That's this week's big winportunity.


Harum Helmy, Good Fight Production Fellow, previously told her story to ProPublica here: For Uninsured Missouri Reporter, Obamacare Is a Real-Life Story. She also talked about in this podcast. But now that she's at The Good Fight, her employer covers pretty much the whole cost of her premiums. So, fear not.

Ron's story about helping trigger Nixon's national food stamp proposal is also recounted in the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1969 book "Let Them Eat Promises: The Politics of Hunger in America."

Here's the report released by Families USA analyzing the Supreme Court decision's impact on Medicaid. And here's the interactive map shown above, made by Talking Points Memo using Kaiser Family Foundation data of where the Medicaid expansion is being blocked.

And here's MoveOn.org's Louisiana billboard that Bobby Jindal's administration is suing about:

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