Episode #10

More leaders like this, please

She's pretty much exactly who you'd want leading the fight against inequality and money in politics.
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When Heather McGhee's new job was announced, Elizabeth Warren called her "a champion," the head of the AFL-CIO said he was "thrilled," and Chris Hayes hailed her as "hands down one of the most impressive, ferociously intelligent, committed, passionate people I've had the great fortune to meet in progressive politics." 

She's 33. She recently helped pass a law that saves consumers $20 billion a year. And she was just chosen to become the president of one of America's leading think tanks. 

In this interview, a special mini episode of The Good Fight, you'll meet Heather McGhee, one of the first of the millennial generation to lead a major political institution and one of America's foremost voices on inequality, money in politics, and the path to reform. You'll hear her story, you'll learn about your country, and you might just shed a little cynicism along the way.

Originally posted on January 28, 2014


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Show Notes

Music courtesy of Podington Bear and Fritz Myers.

Learn more about Heather McGhee here. Press release about her new job here. Yes, the Credit CARD Act saves consumers $20 billion a year: see here.

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